Theodore Book

Founder, BookDesign | Doctoral Student, Rice University
    Welcome to my corner of the web.  While I only have a few notes here, I'm glad you took the time to visit.  If I can ever be of any help to you, please let me know.  

I am currently a doctoral student at Rice University, working in Prof. Dan Wallach's computer security group.  My current research focus is on mobile device security, with a focus on ad library related vulnerabilities.

I am the founder, CEO, and janitor of BookDesign, a tech start-up that focuses on delivering audio books on mobile devices.  We currently have 1.5 million installs and over 15,000 free audio books.

As a recent arrival in Houston, I am enjoying getting to know the city and the people.  I also enjoy the all-too-rare chances to spend time with my family members, scattered, as we are, around the country.